unsoundly The office went quiet while everybody continued to click “refresh” on the dashboard, concentrating on one single number—INSTALLS.

dejt i stockholm landmarks 994,645…997,231…999,280… and then…


https://ma-parenthese-sophro.com/2017-dtgf86865-site-gay-bear.html …we crossed our first major milestone, 1 MILLION PLAYERS! Cue rapturous applause and screams of delight! (ok, that’s not quite our style, but we did clap a bit at least) 😉ue

At the time of writing, it now reads 1,114,914. We’re so grateful for all the love and support we’ve had for the game, and thanks go out to everybody who’s shared the game, left us a lovely review, and got in touch across email and social media.

On that note, we’re still pretty swamped with messages, so apologies if it takes us a while to get back to you… we’re trying to balance supporting a large player base with continuing to build new features—something new for us!!!

Jordan Kirk

Creative Director

Jordan spent over 10 years creating and supervising Hollywood visual effects at Double Negative. He’s the creative mind behind Yakuto.