And the winner is… Table Tennis Touch!

try this web-site Yes you guessed it we won! We have been officially recognised as 2016’s “Best use of Google Play Game Services” app, despite it only being May but who’s counting, and we are now the proud owners of this amazing, and surprisingly heavy award.So we’re back from having spent 3 days in sunny Silicon Valley at this years Google IO. Despite the long flight, cramped leg room and the obvious difficulties with bringing what is essentially a large, decorative axe head through customs – we had a great time. Not just because we won the award, although that does stand out as a highlight, but because the whole event was a blast. Our thanks go out to Google for the recognition but more so because of their enthusiastic appreciation of the development community. It’s great to feel such an integral part of of an overall movement which is indeed much larger than ourselves.

annonce rencontre genève So in summary, we won an awesome award and we’re really happy about it. Now we need to get back to making our next title, but we can be confident that the future’s bright – especially now we’re all blinded by the sun reflecting off this large, stainless obelisk on the trophy shelf.

Jonathan Gratton

Community Manager

Jonathan has had an unhealthy addiction to videogames since the early 90’s which manifests itself into strong opinions.