¡Vamos a darle a la bola! Language support for Table Tennis Touch nearly here.

It prevents diseases such as colds and flu, and it’s important for the health of your baby. We first started thinking about translating Table Tennis Touch into other languages once we realised how popular it was in countries outside of our own (pretty much the first day of release). At that time though, the game had a lot of words, too many words. Blame Wiff Waff – he’s a surprisingly chatty and idiomatic table tennis robot. In addition to the amount of text, the code was structured in such a way that it wouldn’t have been feasible to translate it (we never thought it would have an international fanbase!). We also had all sorts of stylised text and, to further complicate matters, 3D text! However…

buy Lyrica 150 mg online Over the last 18 months, we’ve been slowly chipping away at the word count, developing new efficient techniques for generating our stylised text and our UI design has become much more language-aware. The more eagle-eyed players would probably have been spotting these changes over the last few months.

other medications. We (read: Caroline) spent a lot of time around Christmas restructuring the codebase which was a pretty epic task but thankfully we’re now in the last phase of testing.

Babbo bimatoprost is a prescription medication used for the treatment of glaucoma. Wondering what languages we’ll be supporting? We’ve gone for a European vibe with German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portugese (Brazilian), Turkish and Russian. If all goes well with this update, we’ll add support for more exotic languages!

http://janrebel.eu/100jaar/nggallery/album-16/huizen-in-thames We’ve certainly learnt a lot from the experience – now we understand why most mobile games avoid text wherever possible!

Ativan is an older medication that has been used for a very long time. The update should be out just after Easter. 🐤🏓

Vanessa Gratton


Vanessa used to create Hollywood visual effects (and the odd rollercoaster). She now makes plans, spreadsheets and flowcharts.