Meet The Kutos

buy Lyrica in thailand Today I thought I’d tell you a little more about those curious little red creatures we’re introducing in the soon-to-be-released gigantic 2015 update of Table Tennis Touch.

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So who are those little red guys?

In a recent study, i have observed that this is the case. Well, they’re our fiesty little mascots that we call the Kutos, and now you get to keep one as your personal avatar. You’ll see your Kuto on your new player card, which also shows off your current rating, reputation and multiplayer prestige. Your Kuto will proudly wave your national flag (or any other flag you might choose!) and as you win events in Career Mode you’ll see it grow and adorn it with shiny medallions and trophies.

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It prevents diseases such as colds and flu, and it’s important for the health of your baby. On launching a multiplayer match, both your cards will pop up side by side and you’ll see your Kuto squaring up ready for the fight – just the right moment to get your opponent quaking in their boots at your mighty stats!

They’ve got feelings too y’know…

Aşırı kalışı gördüğüne dikkat edilmekte, faydalı olan zararımızın, konularımızın ve öğelerimizin kullanımına dikkat etme Your Kuto will react to your outings on the table tennis table – sharing in the joyous celebration of a victory or even walking off if you decide to bail on the match!


Who knows – if you’re good enough, you might just achieve the ultimate Kuto status of King Pong.

Who wouldn’t want a crown and a gold tooth to impress their mates?


Anybody seen my throne? My feet are tired.

Jordan Kirk

Creative Director

Jordan spent over 10 years creating and supervising Hollywood visual effects at Double Negative. He’s the creative mind behind Yakuto.