“Editors’ Choice” strikes again!

http://planetapaz.org/noticias-olaneta-paz/110-noticias-2010/223-paramilitares-amenazan-nuevamente-a-lideres-de-la-organizacion-de-desplazados-opddi?showall=1 Last week we were chuffed to learn that ‘Table Tennis Touch’ is now in a very select group of apps and games that have been chosen as “Editors’ Choice” on BOTH the App Store and the Play Store, worldwide! After the seemingly cursed six month development process we went through just to get a stable build onto Android, getting the “Editors’ Choice” badge from Google gives us hope that all that effort may have been justified after all! Thanks Google … no, YOU’RE the best!

Vanessa Gratton


Adirampattinam Vanessa used to create Hollywood visual effects (and the odd rollercoaster). She now makes plans, spreadsheets and flowcharts.