Table Tennis Touch coming to Android on March 12th That’s right, it’s finally happening! After months of us saying “it’s coming soon”, you’ll be seeing Table Tennis Touch on the Google Play Store and Amazon Apptore next week! But there is a small catch – we’re only releasing to 3.3% of the Android world because it’ll be Lollipop only.

“That Bug”

Placebo-controlled analyses were conducted using repeated measures analyses with bonferroni corrections for multiple com When we launched on iOS last summer, we promised that the Android version would be “coming soon” and we really did mean it. The initial porting over of the game was straightforward and we were on track to release on Android within our six week schedule. However, our six week schedule turned into a five month nightmare when we discovered a game-breaking bug in our game engine (Unity) that we had no control over.

Because it contains the amino acid methionine, it’s also important wherewithal for healthy brain and nervous system formation. The bug only affected a selection of devices but these were all devices with the Snapdragon 800 chip (AKA the awesome flagship models on which we’d really want to showcase our game!). We couldn’t block all the good devices – it wouldn’t make any sense that only people with less powerful phones could run the game! Yet we knew that we wouldn’t release the game knowing that some devices might have problems. We were in a very unhappy place having spent months on a port that we felt we couldn’t even release.

Lollipop saves the day Towards the end of last year, Lollipop (Android 5) began rolling out. We tested it and to our relief, it was a wonderful, bug-free experience. No weirdness, no crashes. But nobody really had Lollipop at that stage so we continued working on finding a workaround for the bug. However, every time we thought it was “fixed”, the bug just reappeared elsewhere so last week the decision was made to limit the release to Lollipop. We are gutted about the situation but we don’t think we had much of an option. We wouldn’t have been able to sleep at night if we’d released a shoddy version.

Why can I play other games on KitKat then?

side of the eye. The bug only affects certain (flagship) devices. And then it can affect them in different ways. We know we’re not alone with this issue and we’re sure that a lot of games built with Unity will become much more stable on those Snapdragon Android phones and tablets if this bug can be fixed.

Will we ever release it on KitKat?

Most infants receive milk at some point in their lives. We hope so! Unity have acknowledged the bug so as soon as we get the fix, we’ll release it. But until then all we can say is: if you can, please get Lollipop on your Android device so you’re ready to grab the game on March 12th!


Vanessa Gratton


Vanessa used to create Hollywood visual effects (and the odd rollercoaster). She now makes plans, spreadsheets and flowcharts.