Welcome, welcome, and hello

http://planetapaz.org/component/users/?view=remind I thought I’d kick off our blog with several ‘welcome’s and a big ‘hello’. The first ‘welcome’, is to you; welcome to our brand new Yakuto website and blog. We’ll have lots of information here in the coming months about what’s keeping us busy.

Find Out More The next ‘welcome’ is to our wonderful new team mate, Vanessa. Personally, I’ve known Vanessa for the last decade, and we’ve worked together several times in the film industry, including co-supervising the latest Total Recall (yep, that one, with Colin Farrell). I’m honoured and thrilled to have her as a team mate and gain from her creative, technical and organisational talents.

site rencontre en ligne Lastly, a big ‘hello’ from me. I’m as nervous as I am excited about the prospect of writing down things from my head for the world to see, but, y’know, I’ll try just about anything once (there are exceptions), so let’s give this a good crack. We’ll all be blogging regularly, each of us bringing our own unique ideas, interests and humour (hopefully), and I hope you’ll support us by leaving your comments/feedback on the site so we can see how we’re doing. I’ll be blogging about lots of stuff: art, technology, robots, photography, games (of course), sports, retro gaming, and more.

ce lien If you’d like to say ‘hi’ and let us know you’re out there, why not leave a comment below. Or follow us on your favourite social media platform if that’s your cup of tea. Speaking of tea, time to stick the kettle on, I’m parched.

Jordan Kirk

Creative Director

Jordan spent over 10 years creating and supervising Hollywood visual effects at Double Negative. He’s the creative mind behind Yakuto.