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Table Tennis Touch goes global with support for 11 new languages!

Well we said early May with absolute confidence… cough cough, and we’ve delivered. As of today, 4th May, Table Tennis Touch has officially gone global with support for 11 new languages! You may have heard the list before but we’re so proud of it that we’re going to reel them off again: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, Korean, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified) and Japanese. Read More

Join Yakuto - C# Developer Wanted.

26. Apr|by Jonathan

So recently we’ve talked a lot about how we’re growing as a studio. For the last year we been building on the already award winning Table Tennis Touch, the latest being a huge multi-language update with support for 12 different languages. We’ve also been working on our next title which is planned for release later in 2016, where we hope to smash the competition again! Read More

¡Vamos a darle a la bola! Language support for Table Tennis Touch nearly here.

We first started thinking about translating Table Tennis Touch into other languages once we realised how popular it was in countries outside of our own (pretty much the first day of release). At that time though, the game had a lot of words, too many words. Blame Wiff Waff - he’s a surprisingly chatty and idiomatic table tennis robot. In addition to the amount of text, the code was structured in such a way that it wouldn’t have been feasible to translate it (we never thought it would have an international fanbase!). We also had all sorts of stylised text and, to further complicate matters, 3D text! However… Read More

Unity QA screws us again or: How we learned to stop worrying and fix it ourselves.

24. Jan|by James

We build Table Tennis Touch atop the Unity 3D game engine. Anyone who’s read my past posts will know we have a love/hate relationship with Unity: they provide us with a pretty decent engine at an affordable price, letting us target multiple platforms with relative ease - without them we’d have likely never built Table Tennis Touch, and for that we’re grateful. But their QA can be dire and it has cost us dearly on several occasions. I’m thinking: Read More

That was a year, now let's do another one!

30. Dec|by Vanessa

Well that was 2015. We launched Table Tennis Touch on Android, we released that big old multiplayer update, we hit 300,000 official downloads, a ping pong emoji came out and we got our first internet troll. What a year! Anyway, enough about the past…let me tell you about the future. As promised, we’re now into a nice routine of releasing an update pretty much every month which is great (except for the insane amount of testing we have to do). But we also have grand plans to get TTT to work with different control inputs (yeah, exciting!) and to get the game translated. But that’s not all. We’re also finally starting work on our NEXT PROJECT. Happy new year everyone, thanks for playing! 🏓 Read More

Crispy goodness on iPad Pro

12. Nov|by Jordan

We were very fortunate to get to see our game running on the beautiful new iPad Pro just before the device was launched to the world. There was plenty to do to get TTT ready for that lovely 12.9” screen. Read More

The wait is over - v2.0 update is out right now

19. Oct|by Vanessa

It’s been a long time coming but we’ve just pressed the button and released the huge update to Table Tennis Touch! It’s packed with loads of new features - most of which have something to do with multiplayer, of course. Player Cards, Prestige, Lucky Dips - this time tomorrow you’ll know exactly what all these things mean. Grab it now (or very soon) on the App Store and Play Store. Go hit some balls! Read More

AT LAST! Multiplayer is out next week!

14. Oct|by Vanessa

Put this date in your diary people - 20th October! That’s next Tuesday and that’s when you’ll get your hands on Version 2.0 of Table Tennis Touch. The update includes local multiplayer, online multiplayer, a brand new multiplayer mini game, 27 bat skins, your own Player Card and Kuto, a new arena, play on an Olympics table, and loads more. It’ll be available as a free update on both the App Store and the Play Store next week. Exciting! Read More

We finally made an FAQ page!

9. Oct|by Vanessa

Have you ever wondered what the questions we get emailed most often are? Well, wonder no more! We have finally compiled an FAQ page which has all the answers to all of your burning questions. It even has questions nobody has thought to ask yet as we’re also pre-empting some of the questions we’ll get off the back of releasing the multiplayer update. Read More

Here's a sneak peek at multiplayer gameplay

25. Aug|by Vanessa

“Without doubt the most difficult thing I’ve ever done” says James, almost every day, usually whilst holding his head in his hands staring at networking code. Multiplayer has been hard, very hard. But after a spring and summer of 7 day weeks and a year after we started designing it, we’re finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Here’s where we’re at and a little sneak peek at how it plays! Read More

Why 92% of our downloads came from one store

18. Aug|by Vanessa

It’s always fun to make lists and graphs, right? So we thought we’d share our experiences from our three store launches of Table Tennis Touch. At first glance, that pie chart does look a bit conclusive. And we can’t say we haven’t been a little disappointed with the imbalance. But before anyone gets hysterical and denounces Android as an inferior platform, it’s worth being aware of the background story of each release. Read More

Bounce with us

12. Aug|by Jordan

Table Tennis Touch has always been based around real life locations, and we’ve been very lucky to partner up with the wonderful team at Bounce. Let’s take a closer look at their super-cool venue. Read More

Gimme some skin(s)

7. Aug|by Jordan

Let’s face it, Table Tennis bats can get a bit dull when you’re forced to stick to the official red and black sides. Well, thank goodness we live in the world of videogame Table Tennis! At the request of quite a few of you, we decided to add a bit of style to our (your) bats and allow you to show off to friends and enemies alike by adding bat “skin” customisations. Read More

Meet The Kutos

30. Jul|by Jordan

Today I thought I’d tell you a little more about those curious little red creatures we’re introducing in the soon-to-be-released gigantic 2015 update of Table Tennis Touch. Read More

Yes, we're still working on that game you bought a year ago

29. Jun|by Vanessa

The release of a game doesn’t signal the end of the project. Players expect to see regular updates and developers want to update their games to stay relevant and respond to player feedback. But the iOS version of ‘Table Tennis Touch’ hasn’t been updated since last October. Scrolling through the App Store, it’d be easy to think that the game is no longer being developed. Yet that couldn’t be further from the truth. Read More

Here's what's coming up in Table Tennis Touch v2.0

19. May|by Vanessa

We think it’s about time that we showed off the big update we’ve got planned for Table Tennis Touch this year. The main feature is, of course, MULTIPLAYER! Our most requested feature by far and the most technically challenging to implement. Not content with simply adding the complexities of networking a high speed match at 60 frames per second, we’ve designed a whole host of other features too. Here’s a taster of what’s coming up… Read More

365 Days Later: What we learned in our first year

15. May|by Vanessa

A year ago today, ‘Table Tennis Touch’ was released on the App Store so we went to the pub with Wiff Waff and took this photo. It was our first attempt at making a game and somehow it went to the top of the charts around the world. Did we mention we unseated Minecraft? Good times. In the last year, we’ve all learnt a bit about app stores and selling games. If we could go back in time and give ourselves some advice, this is probably what we’d say: Read More

"Editors' Choice" strikes again!

12. May|by Vanessa

Last week we were chuffed to learn that ‘Table Tennis Touch’ is now in a very select group of apps and games that have been chosen as “Editors’ Choice” on BOTH the App Store and the Play Store, worldwide! After the seemingly cursed six month development process we went through just to get a stable build onto Android, getting the “Editors’ Choice” badge from Google gives us hope that all that effort may have been justified after all! Thanks Google … no, YOU’RE the best! Read More

Calling all C# developers...we are hiring!

20. Apr|by Vanessa

Fancy knowing what goes on behind the scenes at Yakuto? Want to help us add exciting new features to Table Tennis Touch and work on our next project with us? We are hiring! Specifically we are looking for a C# developer to come join us at our office in Shoreditch - check out the jobs page for all the juicy details! Read More

Table Tennis Touch is now on Jelly Bean and KitKat

15. Apr|by Vanessa

We didn’t think it would ever happen but after 4 months of waiting, we got the bug fix through from Unity which has finally allowed us to release Table Tennis Touch to Jelly Bean and KitKat. It was a huge relief. Let’s say that limiting availability to Lollipop has been interesting. Read More

Wiff Waff's Weekender at Rezzed

19. Mar|by Jordan

Last weekend, Wiff Waff appeared for his first “gig” at EGX Rezzed in Tobacco Dock, London. From Thursday to Saturday, 12,000 attendees young and old descended on the East London event, and Wiff Waff’s special challenge game was just one of 150 playable games at the event. Read More

'Exclusive to Lollipop': why premium is more than just a monetization strategy

12. Mar|by Vanessa

Last year we faced a dilemma. The long-suffering Android port of ‘Table Tennis Touch’ had come to a grinding halt. It was suffering from a horrible bug over which we had no control and so couldn’t fix. We had two options: 1. To release a broken game to every Android owner or 2. Release a working game to 3% of that huge market - just the Lollipop share. It was an obvious choice; as a premium game, we had to choose the 3%. Read More

IMGA and Pocket Gamer Awards nominations for Table Tennis Touch

5. Feb|by Vanessa

Some lovely news for us this week - Table Tennis Touch has been nominated for ‘Excellence in Gameplay’ in the International Mobile Game Awards! We’re in amongst a very fine collection of titles and are thrilled to be considered. The IMGA’s also have a People’s Choice Award which is open to the public to decide, so if you fancy giving Table Tennis Touch your vote, it’d put a smile on Wiff Waff’s face. Read More

Table Tennis Touch for Android is code complete! But ...

27. Dec|by James

Table Tennis Touch for Android is now code complete! That means we’ve programmed every tiny detail and tested it to destruction in our Android device lab. But during our testing we discovered a bit of a problem. A huge problem in fact: the engine upon which we build the game is failing for some newer Android devices, specifically those with the Snapdragon 800 series chips (most flagship devices). The game itself is ready, but we can’t release it yet. Read More

Wiff Waff's in the App Store Best of 2014

15. Dec|by Jordan

A huge thank you to Apple for selecting our first title as one of their App Store Best Of 2014 picks on iPad. It’s an honour to be featured amongst such great games in what has undoubtedly been a quality year in mobile game development. We’re proud to be part of a truly fantastic groups of games and apps. Read More

Table Tennis Touch is coming soon to Android

26. Nov|by Vanessa

Other than multiplayer, the question we get emailed most often is “when is Table Tennis Touch coming to Android?”. We’ve got it running nicely on our Android devices and are just ironing out the last few technical gremlins. We’re hopeful that we’ll have some news on a release date in the next couple of weeks. We can announce that we’ll be targetting both the Google Play and Amazon markets so fear not you Kindle Fire lovers! Read More

Table Tennis?! - does that even have rules?

2. Oct|by Jordan

“Ping Pong, haven’t they kinda already done that?”, “it’s not actually a proper sport though, is it?”, “Table Tennis?! does that even have rules?”. It wasn’t uncommon to hear such remarks from people around me whenever I told them I was making a Table Tennis game. So why on earth would anybody want to make one? Read More

Getting registered with the IRS in under 10 minutes

28. Aug|by James

As a programmer I love bringing our designers’ ideas to life. As the owner of a small company I also spend a lot of my time doing admin tasks. But today someone ticked the “international taxation specialist” checkbox in whatever serves as my job description. So what is a W-8BEN, an EIN and is Yakuto fiscally transparent in the eyes of Uncle Sam? Read More

Our first update!

19. Aug|by Vanessa

Exciting news! The first update to Table Tennis Touch is out tonight!
After we got over the shock of people actually playing the game, we wanted to tweak a few things that we weren’t quite happy with. We also wanted to address some common player feedback. We think this version is better…let’s see what everyone else thinks! Here’s what’s new: Read More

I need to talk about Alan

18. Aug|by Vanessa

We should probably explain why Table Tennis Touch is full of Alan Partridge quotes. Well, we just love Alan… in a way. Who doesn’t!? When sitting down at someone’s dining table, who isn’t compelled to ask if it’s an extender? Read More

Welcome, welcome, and hello

18. Aug|by Jordan

I thought I’d kick off our blog with several ‘welcome’s and a big ‘hello’. The first ‘welcome’, is to you; welcome to our brand new Yakuto website and blog. We’ll have lots of information here in the coming months about what’s keeping us busy. Read More