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Wiff Waff's Weekender at Rezzed

19. Mar|by Jordan

Last weekend, Wiff Waff appeared for his first “gig” at EGX Rezzed in Tobacco Dock, London. From Thursday to Saturday, 12,000 attendees young and old descended on the East London event, and Wiff Waff’s special challenge game was just one of 150 playable games at the event. Read More

'Exclusive to Lollipop': why premium is more than just a monetization strategy

12. Mar|by Vanessa

Last year we faced a dilemma. The long-suffering Android port of ‘Table Tennis Touch’ had come to a grinding halt. It was suffering from a horrible bug over which we had no control and so couldn’t fix. We had two options: 1. To release a broken game to every Android owner or 2. Release a working game to 3% of that huge market - just the Lollipop share. It was an obvious choice; as a premium game, we had to choose the 3%. Read More

IMGA and Pocket Gamer Awards nominations for Table Tennis Touch

5. Feb|by Vanessa

Some lovely news for us this week - Table Tennis Touch has been nominated for ‘Excellence in Gameplay’ in the International Mobile Game Awards! We’re in amongst a very fine collection of titles and are thrilled to be considered. The IMGA’s also have a People’s Choice Award which is open to the public to decide, so if you fancy giving Table Tennis Touch your vote, it’d put a smile on Wiff Waff’s face. Read More

Table Tennis Touch for Android is code complete! But ...

27. Dec|by James

Table Tennis Touch for Android is now code complete! That means we’ve programmed every tiny detail and tested it to destruction in our Android device lab. But during our testing we discovered a bit of a problem. A huge problem in fact: the engine upon which we build the game is failing for some newer Android devices, specifically those with the Snapdragon 800 series chips (most flagship devices). The game itself is ready, but we can’t release it yet. Read More

Wiff Waff's in the App Store Best of 2014

15. Dec|by Jordan

A huge thank you to Apple for selecting our first title as one of their App Store Best Of 2014 picks on iPad. It’s an honour to be featured amongst such great games in what has undoubtedly been a quality year in mobile game development. We’re proud to be part of a truly fantastic groups of games and apps. Read More

Table Tennis Touch is coming soon to Android

26. Nov|by Vanessa

Other than multiplayer, the question we get emailed most often is “when is Table Tennis Touch coming to Android?”. We’ve got it running nicely on our Android devices and are just ironing out the last few technical gremlins. We’re hopeful that we’ll have some news on a release date in the next couple of weeks. We can announce that we’ll be targetting both the Google Play and Amazon markets so fear not you Kindle Fire lovers! Read More

Table Tennis?! - does that even have rules?

2. Oct|by Jordan

“Ping Pong, haven’t they kinda already done that?”, “it’s not actually a proper sport though, is it?”, “Table Tennis?! does that even have rules?”. It wasn’t uncommon to hear such remarks from people around me whenever I told them I was making a Table Tennis game. So why on earth would anybody want to make one? Read More

Getting registered with the IRS in under 10 minutes

28. Aug|by James

As a programmer I love bringing our designers’ ideas to life. As the owner of a small company I also spend a lot of my time doing admin tasks. But today someone ticked the “international taxation specialist” checkbox in whatever serves as my job description. So what is a W-8BEN, an EIN and is Yakuto fiscally transparent in the eyes of Uncle Sam? Read More

Our first update!

19. Aug|by Vanessa

Exciting news! The first update to Table Tennis Touch is out tonight!
After we got over the shock of people actually playing the game, we wanted to tweak a few things that we weren’t quite happy with. We also wanted to address some common player feedback. We think this version is better…let’s see what everyone else thinks! Here’s what’s new: Read More

I need to talk about Alan

18. Aug|by Vanessa

We should probably explain why Table Tennis Touch is full of Alan Partridge quotes. Well, we just love Alan… in a way. Who doesn’t!? When sitting down at someone’s dining table, who isn’t compelled to ask if it’s an extender? Read More

Welcome, welcome, and hello

18. Aug|by Jordan

I thought I’d kick off our blog with several ‘welcome’s and a big ‘hello’. The first ‘welcome’, is to you; welcome to our brand new Yakuto website and blog. We’ll have lots of information here in the coming months about what’s keeping us busy. Read More